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Omnify Software Altium Integration Module
Omnify Software is a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) products. Omnify Empower includes key features such as: Item Master/Part Data Management, Bill of Material (BOM) Management, Change/ECO Management, Quality/CAPA Management (QMS), Project Management, etc.
The Omnify Empower Suite of products includes modules and features to integrate the Omnify Empower PLM products with Altium to help Designer users to easily find critical product data, eliminate mundane paperwork tasks, increase productivity, and remain focused on designing new products. The system will also streamline the process of loading released design data from Altium to Empower.
The Omnify Empower Altium Integration module provides you with:
Optimal Part Selection
Integrate the Altium Designer libraries with the content from the Omnify database to enhance design decision and ensure a "Correct by Construction" design process. The system provides Designer users with access to common part data such as: Attributes/Parameters, Documents/Datasheets and Vendor Information as well as extended data such as: costs, lead times, status, "Where Used", availability, change history, signoff workflows, Change/ECO information, Quality issues, etc.
Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Report Creation
Automatically create and upload BOMs from schematics to Omnify without using the Designer BOM tools or generating external files. The system allows you to create prototype BOMs, custom reports, and prepare BOMs (verify parts, automatically create variances, and identify components to ignore).
Check and update design components with the Omnify database to verify revisions are synchronized and all component data is consistent.
New Part Request/Creation
Request new parts and automatically assign parameters based on schematic components.
Key Benefits
Omnify Software provides a single, secure environment to manage component data, Bill of Materials (BOMs), engineering changes, product documentation, and to track/process changes and issues.
Integrating Altium Designer with Omnify Empower enables collaborative design directly from the engineering desktop.
Simplify component data and library management
Centralize product data/streamline ad hoc databases
Gain easy access to current part and BOM data
Automatically manage all BOM revisions and ECOs
Enhance collaboration with external partners
Easily communicate design data with manufacturing
Remain focused on designing new products
Quickly find critical design data
Eliminate manual data entry errors
Reduce prototype errors
Increase productivity
System Requirements
The Omnify Altium integration module requires the following:
Altium Designer - Version 17 or above
Omnify Empower - Version 7.0.1 (Service Pack 1) or above
Installing the Designer Extension
Omnify provides an Altium Designer Extension that allows users to add and update schematic components from the Omnify database, as well as create BOMs to be uploaded to the database.
You can install the CADKit Extension by selecting the Extensions and Updates command from the DXP menu.
Altium Extension Install
From the Extensions form you will be able to install the Omnify CADKit Extension.
Altium Extension Install
Launching and Setup
Once the CADKit Extension has been installed, the Designer menus and toolbars will be updated with links to Omnify CADKit. These options will be available when a schematic is the active document in Designer.
Altium Omnify Menu
Altium Omnify Toolbar
The Tools menu and toolbar will contain the following commands:
Command Description
Launch CADKit Launches CADKit and selects the Add Components operation
Create BOM Launches CADKit and selects the Create BOM operation
Verify Design Launches CADKit and selects the Verify Design operation
Create New Part Reads the selected components and launches the new part request form
CADKit Administrator Launches the CADKit Administrator
Selecting any of the commands will launch the CADKit Altium Adapter.
Altium Omnify
When you launch CADKit for the first time, you will be presented with the Settings page.
Altium Omnify
You must set the Main Server URL option before CADKit will direct you to a specific form. Set the Main Server URL option to the Omnify Server installation URL. Contact your Omnify Administrator if you do not know the URL. The URL should be something similar to: http://[Omnify_Server_Name]/Omnify7.
Altium Omnify
Click the Apply Setting button, to be redirected to a CADKit form.
When the adapter is invoked, CADKit will begin communicating with the Altium Designer application. You will also be asked to log in with your Omnify database credentials, if not already.
Altium Omnify
Key Features
Library Integration
Database Libraries allow you to link component information stored in a database to schematic symbols. When using database libraries, the user will be able to search for parameters and place components on designs with parameters populated with values from the database.
To link Altium libraries to the Omnify database you can:
1. Create database views using the Omnify View Manager
2. Create and configure a Database Library in Altium Designer
Once the Database Library is created, you can then search and browse the Omnify database directly from Altium Designer.
Altium Omnify
Place Design Components
You can add components and automatically populate the component parameters with content from the Omnify database. Key information, such as Part Numbers, Descriptions, Revisions, and Parameters/Attributes can be configured to be passed to the schematic.
Altium Omnify
Altium Omnify
Once the Part Number has been placed on the schematic components, the system can verify and synchronize data between Designer and Omnify. Reports can be automatically generated from the design.
Verify Design Components
You can verify that all parts on the schematic have a corresponding part in the Omnify database. This will allow you to identify new parts that must be requested.
Altium Omnify
Validate Design Components
The Component Validator will read the attributes of the desired schematic components and compare them to the database to determine if each component has a unique match in the database. This will allow you to identify any changes made to the design components that have not been synchronized to the Omnify database.
Altium Omnify
Create New Parts
From the schematic, you can launch the new part request form to formally generate new parts for which a corporate part number has not been assigned. The system can automatically assign field values based on the component parameters.
Altium Omnify
Altium Omnify
Create and Upload BOMs and Design Files
The system will automatically create and upload BOMs from schematics to Omnify.
Altium Omnify
Altium Omnify
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